Sarasota 1913………

1913Plat-LPinsertSarasota 1913 – The year Sarasota became a City.

RoseburnIn 1913 John Hamilton Gillespie, the town of Sarasota’s first mayor, resided in what is today’s Laurel Park historic district.  His home, built in 1880 was named Roseburn.

 Early Sarasota Yacht ClubThe Sarasota Yacht and Automobile Club while not in Laurel Park, was located at the bayfront on Gulfstream Avenue.  It was one of many multi-story buildings beginning to crop up in Sarasota in the teens.

Sarasota Yacht ClubThe club was a center of activity.  In 1913 a banquet was held for Colonel Gillespie to celebrate his vision and his part in developing Sarasota.  He was made an honorary member of the yacht club and the date of March 10th was set as  “Gillespie Day” to duly remember his contributions.  This photo of a woman’s tea was taken in 1914 in front of the club.


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