Parking in Sarasota……

 Is it possible someone with authority in Sarasota government will get a grasp on to the value of paid parking and apply it?



“The two most common parking-related mistakes communities make in promoting New Urbanism are not providing sufficient on-street parking in downtown areas and not charging enough for the parking they do provide. It can be tempting to limit the bulk of parking to satellite facilities in an effort to encourage drivers to park and walk to their ultimate destinations. The problem with this approach is that drivers will often circle areas with limited on-street parking, searching for open spaces or spaces that are about to open. This can actually increase roadway congestion and create hazards for pedestrians who are forced to avoid circling vehicles.”


“A better approach is to provide sufficient parking to meet on-street demand, and to charge a premium for that parking, while charging less at nearby satellite facilities. Read more…….

Better Cities & Towns published this article by John Dorsett, a certified planner and principal with Walker Parking Consultants  in the May 2014 issue.


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