Owen Burns Legacy in Laurel Park……..

In Sunday’s Sarasota Herald Tribune historian Jeff LaHurd offered readers an excellent article titled  –The Legacy of Owen Burns.  

In the Laurel Park National Register of Historic Places District the legacy of Owen Burns lives on………..

Oak Street between Osprey Avenue and Washington Boulevard bisects the Washington Park Subdivision.  It is just one of many subdivisions that make up today’s Laurel Park National Register of Historic Places District.

Owen Burns ad 1924

The plat of the Washington Park Subdivision was recorded in February 1925.  It was owned and developed by Owen Burns. A number of homes built by Owen Burns dot the subdivision along with some of the preserved  brick paving, sidewalks and curbing.

Washington Park

One of Laurel Park’s most distinguished residences was designed by architect, Dwight James Baum.  Today it is one of only two buildings in the national historic district that is individually designated historic by the National Register of Historic Places.

Kennedy House

 Dr. Kennedy House at Oak and Columbia.

Owen Burns and Dwight James Baum_2

This remains one of my favorite photos.  Mr. Owen Burns and Mr. Dwight James Baum (right) are captured in front of the realty office next to the El Vernona.

el vernona-0

A wonderful panorama of the  Burns Reality Office and the El Vernona Hotel shortly after completion.


A great perspective of the early Sarasota landmarks.

If you are interested in viewing more vintage photographs of Sarasota visit the William Hartman Gallery on Palm Avenue.  Mr. Hartman has an incredible collection  on display.  If you want to read more about Sarasota’s history, pick up one or more of Jeff LaHurd’s books at one of our local bookstores.